About us

Secure Lending, Inc.


Secure Lending, Inc. is a collaboration of mortgage professionals that has been in business for decades. Secure Lending, Inc. is aligned with many of the nations largest direct lenders, as well as leading niche direct lenders, that positions us to serve almost any client's needs. Our long-standing investor relationships and continued high volume coupled with our low overhead corporate structure allows us to be extremely competitive in the industry. This competitiveness is seen in our aggressive rates, exceptional experience and unparalleled service. We have created a state-of-the-art system designed to make your mortgage loan transaction as quick and easy as possible. Our direct on-line software provides us with up-to-the-minute communication with escrow and title companies, appraisers and credit agencies. This immediate information exchange is cutting edge technology and will expedite your loan request in record time at the lowest possible cost.

Secure Lending, Inc. was been built on referrals; therefore, we place the highest value on client relationships and look forward to doing business with you and your associates. 



He Makes It Easy!

He knows getting a loan is a big deal, and you probably expect it to be a long and complicated process. But he doesn't think it has to be that way!! When you enter into a relationship with Jeff, you can be confident that you are in the best of hands. He will guide you through the entire process and put all of the paperwork together for you. He has assembled special relationships with top Realtors, Escrow, Title, and Appraisal professionals to make this process a breeze. It really can be that easy.

Unparalleled Access to Loans!

As both a Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Broker, he is given the opportunity to control the entire process from beginning to end with access to a full spectrum of different financing options and sources for you. Jeff uses the latest in automated technology to speed up processing and underwriting. This allows him to approve loans others would deny and do it in substantially less time. He can usually provide preliminary approvals in under an hour to make your experience more enjoyable and less stressful as well as allowing options that may not have existed at other companies. 

Jeff Jones - President & CEO


Jeff Jones is a top producer in the mortgage lending industry for more than 25 years and with HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in loan closings for his valued clients. His vast knowledge of the mortgage business is unmatched and his ability to deal with people and educate his clients as to the best financing options available today is his specialty.

He is a retail loan agent for a Direct Lender and also has the ability to Broker to many of the top lending institutions in the country. Jeff also obtained his MBA from Pepperdine University and works closely with Realtors, Title, Escrow, and Appraisal professionals to make a winning mortgage lending team. He works diligently to find the best available rates and programs at the lowest cost for his valued clients. His business is based primarily on his strong referral network, which has been built through his 18+ years of professional and caring service to his client base and contacts. Jeff offers full loan pre-approvals and preliminary credit reports at no cost to his clients. In this fast changing world of finance, Jeff has a wealth of valuable information regarding the numerous choices available. After careful review of your options, Jeff and his team will help you make the right choices for your unique situation.